The 14th ECR Forum
September 11, 2019.
Digital October, Moscow
Working together to fulfill consumer wishes better, faster, and at less cost.
Panel discussions on current topics for FMCG industry.

Retailers and suppliers will present on
successful joint projects - nominees for the ECR Award.
Awarding of winners in three nominations
- innovation, partnership, economic effect -
will be held as part of ECR General Assembly
in November 2019.
Leading companies will share their experience:
Registration starts at 13:00

Shopper и CatMan
Category Management: the best joint projects.

How to manage the category online? The new roles and growth source
for e-commerce.
Nestle + Yandex Market

Cross-category solutions
Shop in shop.
Danone + Lenta
Shopper Management:
knowing the customer helps to
create additional product value.

Shopper Analytics.
Nielsen + Perekrestok

Shopper Management activation.
Supply Chain
Trust and partnership throughout the supply chain. The history of the development of joint initiatives of suppliers and retailers, KPI
and values of both parties.

Up to day trends in
supply chain development:
preconditions of transformation
and target vision.

Using the OSA platform to daily inform merchandisers about lack of product on the shelf.
Сoca-Cola + Х5 Retail Group

Contractors' dashboard
Danone + Dixy

Logistics optimisation.
Delivery localisation
Heineken + X5 Retail Group

The change in master-data processing procedures.
Implementation of
electronic catalogue.
Mars + Х5 Retail Group
Regulation and data
exchange requirements.

Readiness of companies to change the settings of information systems and logistics processes.

National master data catalog - occupancy and integration with user information systems.

Invited speakers:
Center for research
in perspective technologies
X5 Retail Group
Metro Cash&Carry

Sustainable Marketing
Socially responsible marketing:
the best affiliate cases that have brought profit to business and benefit to society.

Charity event as a tool for educating and engaging customers
into the category and issues of assistance to older people.
Essity + Lenta

Healthy lifestyles begin in childhood – a joint project for healthy
school nutrition.
Danone + Bonduelle + Perekrestok

Social responsibility and sustainable development as an element of differentiation during the growing role of promos in Russian retail.
Procter&Gamble + Lenta
Data monetisation
A platform for digital marketing
and data sharing.

Panel discussion:

- What will help to combine the expertise of FMCG players
and synchronize the data
from Fiscal Data Operators?
- What analytics is required in modern & traditional trade?
- How can Fiscal Data Operator complement FMCG reality?
- Possible patterns of interaction between participants
data market.

Invited speakers:
Platforma OFD,
Supercheck (Yandex.Market)

Electronic Way-Bill
Panel discussion:

When will the changes be made
in the "Rules for the carriage of goods", which will allow the use of a bill of lading in electronic form?

What will be the 22 super-service of the Ministry of Transport, including the waybill in electronic form,
as well as establishing
the register of carriers.?

What companies have already implemented electronic waybill?

Invited speakers:
X5 Retail Group
Deloviye linii
FM Logistic
The Event Venue
Digital October

Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya, 6/ 3
Metro station: Kropotkinskaya
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